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Below you should find most of your questions answered. But if not, just give us a call!

  • Do you sell particle board?

    No. Particle board is not a quality product, and we want our cabinets to last.

  • Do you stock cabinets?

    No.  Not keeping a lot of inventory is another way that we can keep your costs low. Most cabinets only take a couple days to come in.

  • How long do I have to wait for my cabinets?

    It depends on which line, and whether or not you want us to assemble them. They take anywhere from a couple days to several weeks.

  • Are your cabinets assembled?

    Some come assembled, and others give you the option of assembling them yourself, or having us do it.

  • What is the difference between the higher end lines and the imported lines?

    There are several differences, other than price: The higher end lines are made in the U.S. They offer a vast selection of colors, wood species, door styles, finishes, and cabinetry options. They carry a lifetime warranty.  And they take longer to arrive, because they are being built just for you. The imported lines are stocked in a warehouse and shipped when you order. Their warranties vary by company. The cabinetry options are those that are most popular. And the price is a quarter to a half of the higher end offerings.

  • What is the difference between painted wood doors and painted MDF doors?

    The MDF doors have a smoother feel, as there is no wood grain. MDF does not expand and contract with changes in humidity (which are characteristic of Florida), and therefore, there will be no separating at the seams in the door or drawer face, or loosening of the center panel. MDF is the preferred method of the import lines, as they come overseas in containers that don't have climate control. The higher end lines offer both.

  • Do the installers in your network measure for free?

    Yes, they do, if they are doing the installation.

  • How do you compare to the big box stores?

    We believe in offering you quality cabinets. Therefore, you won't find the cheapest particle board cabinets here.  Apples to apples, we are less. And especially compared to their ordered cabinet lines.

  • Do you install the cabinets?

    No, but we have a network of installers we trust and work closely with.

  • Do you sell solid surface?

    No, but we can refer you to a solid surface company within our network.

  • Do you stock flooring?

    No. But it only takes a day or two to come in.

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